Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yeah ME!! I am redoing my sewing room and it is coming along GREAT

We have moved my sewing room to one of the large bedrooms.  The room I was in before started to become the catch all room for anything that didnt have a permanent place.  You know things like the vacuum cleaner, the playpen I use when my grand babies are here and need to take a nap, my youngest son's toy overflow.  You name it and it came and invaded my space! lol.  Well I started taking the items I could and moving to my DH hobby room, the garage.  It took a bit but he got the hint! lol  So he came up with the brilliant idea to move my sewing room to the larger bedroom.

I mentioned the issue I had with my cutting/pressing table being too low.  I saw one online that seemed simple enough for him to build and we got to work getting the things to make it.  It was very inexpensive to make.  We just bought 2 9 cube organizer shelves and a door at Home Depot.  I then made my own pressing pad from some scrap wood we had.  It is all still a work in progress but it is really coming along.

My next wish is for him to build the quilting frame we have been talking about.  He has finally gone back to work after a 6 month stint of unemployment.  Hopefully financially things are going to turn around.  My disability check doesnt go far!

I am posting pics of my sewing room in progress.  We are hanging the peg board he made for me tonight above the cutting table.  It is amazing the difference it makes to have a cutting/pressing area that is high enough.  leaning over the one I had was killing my back!

If you stumble upon my blog, let me know what you think and please any suggestions you can give will be much appreciated!