Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free-motion Quilting Challenge 2012

I am working on several projects at the moment that are at the quilting stage.  While I am planning to purchase a frame very soon.  I don't have one now and these projects still must be done.  I have been doing most of my quilting up till now with the walking foot.  I have practiced some free motion quilting.  However, these are projects that are gifts for others.  It is one thing to screw up your own quilt but an whole other to mess up on one you are giving as a gift.

SO, I am going to do this FMQ challenge I found on SewCalGal's blog.

Please if you are reading this and have been afraid to go to that final frontier of domestic machine quilting.  Take the challenge along with me.  We can go into that uncharted territory together! If you hear a scream and it sounds like someone is pulling their hair out, it might just be ME!

To join simply follow the link to ..SewCalGal's freemotion quilting challenge.   This is a 12 month challenge.  She has already put up January and February.  January is a video post which is how I actually learn the best.

See ya soon!  Let me know how it is going for you. I will try and post my progress as well.  It would help a lot if I could get a camera.  I had one.  A nice one in fact.  My son borrowed it and then it was never seen again! When I get another one I will be much more stingy with it!


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