Monday, February 11, 2013

Finally made one of these!

I have been admiring these for so long! There are many variations of this project out there in the blog world.  Lots and lots of tutorials.  I actually made mine using a combination of a few of them.  I planned to do my own tutorial, but honestly I don't think I could have done better than Kristen at KSarahDesigns did on hers.

I plan to add a light kit to mine as well as soon as I can make that trip I have been dying to make to Ikea!
This project actually was started on Thanksgiving evening.  I had quite the assembly line going of me, my daughter Ryan, my niece Jaycee and my grand daughter Avery. I  ran out of wax paper right in the middle of the project.  I was surprised at how much it used.  Because the girls were  having so much fun I broke one of my cardinal rules and went to Walmart to pick up more.  Now obviously, going to Walmart is not against any rule of mine.  It wasn't that.  No no was WHEN I went.  This was THANKSGIVING EVENING...yep you got it...I went to Walmart on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!  It took me no less than an hour and a 1/2 to pick up on large roll of wax paper!  Having never been there on this particular event, I was really shocked and amazed at what people go through to get a deal.  The wax paper just happened to be on the grocery isle designated for a low priced computer!  ALL the carts GONE.  The self check longer self check out.  This had been my plan but it didn't work out.  So I waited in awe of it all.  Did I grab a few items that were marked way down?  Of course I did!  I am a living breathing woman and grandmother.  Walking past a great deal without actually taking advantage of it, is almost against my religion!

As we were making mine, Jaycee & Avery we decided that we would also make one for their rooms.  We are still working on those, and are actually making those a little different.  I will post a tutorial on it very soon.  Let me just say I LOVE how those are turning out. It really put a great spin on it for a teen and preteen girls room!  I cannot wait to get them finished and show you.  Really cool!

Here is mine!  The photo quality is not that wonderful.  I should have taken advantage of a great deal on a camera too while I was there!  I however have a hard fast rule of not buying anything for me during that time of year until I have completed all of my Christmas shopping. A decent digital camera is on the top of my wish list though!


 I used embroidery hoops to attach the shells.  I painted them white so they would blend.

  If you want to make one of these, there are so many blogs with their own variations and tutorials..

Thrifty decorating

Freshly Picked's version

This is just 2 of them... believe me if you google "faux capiz shell chandelier" you will find tons of them with many differing variations on how you connect them, what material you use to make the shells, & what you use as the base. Some are pendent style and some are attached directly to the ceiling.  Which variation you choose to use is all up to you, or use a combination of several of them.  Just get creative and make one!  There is even one that uses strips of wax paper instead of round pieces.  I really tried to find that link for you but wasn't successful.  Just google away.  You will find it!

Till next time, take care and have fun being creative!  


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