Monday, March 12, 2012

Lamp Revamp!

My first lamp redo!  I made a blogger rookie mistake and didn't remember to take a good before picture! All I can offer is a crop of a previous photo taken that had the lamp included.  I know baaaad photo! I totally agree.  I am working on getting better pictures for you guys.  I have improved the photos I take with my phone.  Still no comparison to photos taken with a real digital camera.  I am not one of those folks with an Iphone.  Though I must admit I am coming closer and closer to going over to the dark side and breaking down and getting one.  The HiDef pics alone gets a big check mark in the "pros" column.

Anyway, as you know I am working on redecorating my sewing room.  Making it more functional, organized and ....well pretty too! I mean we spend so much time in our sewing/crafting room.  It should be beautiful as well.  For me it helps with the inspiration process.

I am having a great time as well.  Learning so many great things about re purposing items that have seen their better days.  Adding my own style and making them fresh and new again.  That is what I did with my lamp.  There are so many posts online about how to redo your tired lamps.

I have this boring beige lamp that I use on my cutting table to add a bit more light to my cutting mat.
 Again, I so apologize for the poor quality photo!

I covered the cord with painters tape. I also covered the the light set up with tape as well. Took the beige lamp and painted it black using Krylon's satin finish black spray paint.

While I waited for the paint to dry I made a pattern for the lamp shade by laying it flat on a large piece of paper.  I used packing paper which is large and cheap.  I started at the seam of the shade and first traced the top by rolling the shade till I was again at the seam and tracing it by pencil.  Then did the same with the bottom making a pattern for my shade.  I pinned the pattern to the wrong side of my fabric.  I cut out my pattern giving an extra inch around the pattern. You can then us pinking shears to give a good finished edge and prevent fraying.  I also sewed and pressed a 1/4" seam on one end of the fabric for a nice finished seam.  I sprayed the lamp with permanent spray adhesive.  I used Elmer's because it allows you to re-position the fabric before it becomes permanent. Also because it dries clear.  I adjusted the fabric to make sure to get the wrinkles all smoothed out.  Also, I made sure I had around an inch on the top and bottom of the shade. I also made sure to have the end seam (the pressed end) finish at the original seam on the shade.  After it was attached and smooth.  I cut small snips on the top and bottom extra inch.  I used fabric glue and glued it to the inside of the shade.

Then I chose to add some trim to the top and bottom.  Use your own choice of embellishment.  You can use beading, ric rac as I did, or even ribbon.  I attached it with a glue gun. It gives the lamp a more finished look.

Then I reattached my shade once it was dry to the lamp.

Voila! Looks GREAT!! Like new! I love it!

I was so excited with how this came out, I felt confident to move on to my next project!

Have a great day!


  1. It does look great. Better than new, I think! I love the colors in your sewing room. Congrats on a beautiful finish! And thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  2. I agree! I would have never EVER had the idea to redo a lamp if not for bloggers like you and others that show us all the wonderful ideas you have. You help bring out the creative side of us that in some cases, such as mine, we never even knew we had!