Friday, March 16, 2012

You know I had to give my room my own stamp!

I forgot! I managed one other finished project. lol I have been VERY busy this week!  I gave my room my own stamp!
 The letters are chipboard for only 1.00 each.  I had to make the apostrophe from card stock..  I used some wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby and mod podge the wonder stuff!

Make something beautiful today!


  1. Hello, just found your blog, I am getting my own sewing space today. Sadly not a whole room like you, just a corner of my bedroom, but it will be mine and not just one end of the kitchen table! I have become a folloer and look forward to hearing more about your revamp!
    Best Wishes from England.

  2. Congrats on obtaining your own corner of your world! That is how I see my space. It is my little piece of heaven. I am a mother of 5 and grandmother of 3. All grown and gone but my caboose. He is 12 and at that age where having mom around is just NOT cool. So I just watch from a safe distance and give him his space while watching out for him going off the straight and narrow. It has seemed to work so far since all my kiddos have turned out to be adults I feel quite proud of. Especially my oldest.

    Make your space yours. I feel strongly that we are working hard to make beautiful things. We need a place where we feel the inspiration to do so. I have even made an inspiration board. See my post on it. It is one of my first. It is very simple to make and you can really make it to suit your own personality!

    Most of my things are either re-purposed or I found them at a thrift store and cleaned them up and made them look as I wanted them to look. My husband has been a dream about helping me in my endeavor to really make this a room I feel proud to have.

    It is so cool that you are from England!! I was in insurance for decades before I finally had to stop working. We did lots of business with Lloyds and so I had a chance to have some great conversations with people on your side of the Atlantic. I use to love talking to them. Being from Texas we certainly have our own slang. I enjoyed hearing theirs. Such as what I would call vacuuming my living room, my rep would say "hoovered". I really was in awe of the fact they all had the opportunity to go to college. Here in the US you must either get a scholarship by being spectacular at something or you must hock everything you have and sell off your first born to send your child to college. You have an excellent education system.

    Anyway, welcome and I hope I can give you some idea's for your room. I will make sure to post links to anything I find for you and hopefully you can take it and run with it. Make it your own! I will make sure to keep up with your blog and see what you have going on as well!

  3. U r awesome foe stopping by and liking my header! Come see my mother's dream apron for me!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! Love the letters! :)