Wednesday, March 7, 2012


First and foremost, I got the Viking Mega Quilter and Inspira frame.  We are putting the finishing touches on the frame set up.  Luckily I have a spare room that was just waiting for my frame! I had given the bedroom furniture to my daughter.  Worked out for the best!  Isn't she purty? I haven't come up with a name for her yet.  Honestly I have never considered naming a sewing machine.  However, in this case I just feel she is deserving a name!  She sews like a dream.  I can't tell you the difference of sewing on her and my Singer.  Like night and day. We are going to spend so much time together ...yep she deserves a name.  Lucy seems to be one that keeps popping in my head.  What do you think?  Have any suggestions? I would certainly LOVE to hear them.  Please comment below and help me name my new bestest friend.

As you can see we are still putting it together.  We purchased some lights to go under the pantograph shelf.  The room gets pretty good lighting but it still needs a bit more.

I am still working on organizing my sewing room.  I purchased a peg board.  These things are wonderful for putting away some of those tools you aren't using on a daily basis.

I have also been working on making some cute storage as well.

I have more to do that are still drying.  I purchased some chalkboard paint and markers.  They are so wonderful.  The chalkboard paint will paint anything.  Some of the jars I am using were jars from condiments that are all gone.  They are really great for storage.

Here is the shelf with some of my storage ideas....

I am having so much fun with this organization project I have had little time to sew but I must make something to go on that new frame right?  I have a few UFO's but none that are really large enough to do the frame justice.  The other projects I have going are all things I am making for my children and grand children. I am afraid to use theirs in case the learning curve is too much and I mess them up.  SO I am making a simple quilt for our bedroom...
Six blocks down and 14 to go!!!!
I have a few more projects I am working on.  One will be a Pottery Barn Elgin mirror knock off! I am so excited about it! I will try to do a tutorial while I make it.  The mirror costs over 300.00 and not even as large as the one I am making! The larger one sold by Pottery Barn is over 600.00!!! Bleg! I can't even imagine paying that much for a mirror! Hopefully mine will turn out as nice as theirs? We shall see!

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